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Solo violin

An intimate concert program that's centered around Bach's D minor Partita for Solo Violin. 

The beating heart of the program is J.S.Bach's Chaconne, which is nothing short of being Mount Everest for any violinist. The program includes works inspired specifically by the D minor partita directly, as well as by Bach in general. Featuring works by the world acclaimed living composers Jessie Montgomery and Missy Mazzoli. 



unheard Voices 

Violin & Piano

The program aspires to raise the hidden voices of female composers from around the globe. Featuring works by historic composers Amy Beach, Lili Boulanger, and Florence Price, as well as living composers Jessie Montgomery and Lera Auerbach.


Blurred lines

string trio

The classification of folk and classical music as low and high culture is very common. Indeed, Folk and classical music seem like two different worlds because they inhabit different social functions and have a completely different set of rules.

However, many historic classical composers such as Brahms, Sibelius, Bartók, and Szymanowski, just to name a few, tried to capture the spirit of folk music by using elements of traditional music in their works.


These composers blurred the line between the two genres, creating an incredibly rich palette of sound that includes the best of the two worlds.


The program is played by the not-common-enough ensemble of a string trio and features works by Zoltan Kodaly, Ernst von Dohnányi, Missy Mazzoli, and Manuel Ponce.

Folk Dancer Props
Image by Jeremy Thomas



Violin duo

“Mixed Signals” is a violin duo inspired by the meeting of musical genres.

Two violinists from contrasting musical backgrounds meet; 

one classically trained the other a creative improviser. 

They come together to explore the way musical traditions merge and intersect throughout history.

Similar to the collaboration between Yehudi Menuhin and Stefan Grappelli, these two violinists are from different musical worlds but are inspired by each other’s style and playing. 

They combine their sounds to bring a dynamic program that speaks volumes about the potential of the violin as a tool for creative expression.

Looking for something else?


I'd be happy to get in touch and discuss other program ideas!  

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