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Image by Luwadlin Bosman

You deserve to feel confident about your playing

so that you can own the stage


  • Learn how to practice smart so that you can ditch the overwhelm 

  • Have more ease in your playing so that you can play any passage the way you want to 

  • Step into being the violinist you want to be

  • Have a better day to day life because practicing isn't daunting anymore  

Imagine knowing exactly WHAT and HOW to practice every single day.

Feel that in your body. 

  • No more staring at the music not knowing where to start and how the heck you're supposed to play this passage.

  • No more feeling unworthy because you don't sound like your peers.


  • No more feeling alone through this process.

HI! I am Maya.

I am so glad that you landed on this page. Let me introduce myself: 

I am a violinist and a violin teacher based in New York City.

I empower my students by teaching them how to be their own best teacher every step of the way.

As a student in my studio, you'll always receive a super clear plan along with all sheet music, detailed instruction, and support that you can ever ask for.

wanna know more? Click below to book a free, no-strings-attached discovery call with me:

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Introducing: ML academy


A violin studio that will empower you to become the violinist you want to be by:

 * Building a solid foundation

* Guiding you through practice processes that will take you to the next level

* Supporting you every step of the way

"Since studying with Maya, I am able to take my skills to the next level, as she makes sure that I’m staying challenged"  Tina L.



Get a detailed PRACTICE PLAN

that works for YOU 


Learn how to be YOUR OWN BEST TEACHER 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Join a COMMUNITY of talented and motivated violinists, who will support and cheer you on throughout your journey! 

"Maya is skilled at engaging our daughter while making lessons both fun and productive" Jennifer S.

Here’s what you get when you join ML ACADEMY:


  • Weekly 1:1 Lessons - so that you can get the ongoing, personalized support that you need

  • A Detailed Practice Plan, updated after every lesson to ensure that you know exactly WHAT and HOW to practice, AKA - get the best results possible! 

PLUS, you’ll get:

  • Direct feedback from me between lessons 

  • To play recitals: share your work, celebrate your progress and listen to your peers! 

And did someone say


You also get access to:

  • A personal Practice Exhilarator session with me: so we can get laser-focused on how to use your time for max results 

  • Monthly Practice "Zroom"! We meet up on Zoom at the beginning of each month, set a practice goal, then mute ourselves and practice together for an hour


"I have fun practicing, as matter of fact- more than ever before" Frank Berno Timm

How does it work?

1. Join the upcoming semester

2. Get the guidance you deserve

3. Feel confident about your playing

Here is what some of  my students have to say:

Who is a recommended violin teacher? One who can explain well and clearly.

One who encourages her students and is happy about their progress. And finally, one who treats her

students personably. All three qualities apply to Maya.

Maya is, when teaching, absolutely focused; she analyzes one's challenges quickly and presents them in a clear way.

She insists on remaining positive - which she is SO right about! Lessons with her constantly bring me further. 

I have fun practicing, as matter of fact- more than ever before, and I am so happy that I can make more music again.

To make a long story short: Maya is an excellent teacher, lessons with her are absolutely recommended.

- Frank Berno Timm, joined in Spring 2021
Your investment for fall semester 2022-2023 is:

1 payment of $1500

3 monthly payments of $500

5 monthly payments of 300$

Here’s what others have asked!


What if I’ve never performed in front of people?

Doing that in a safe and supportive environment, on a regular basis, is a great way to be introduced to performing. The recitals are all about showing your wor celebrating your wins, and sharing your gift- you're gonna love it! 


Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a bigger payment plan??

I am committed to helping anyone I can, so please reach out to me if this is the case! if we are a good match and are ready to work with each other- we can definetly discuss other payment options.


I don’t think I have time for this??

Joining ML studio will actually SAVE you time. Time on the short one- because I am all about practicing SMART not hard/a lot, and time in the long run because by learning things the right way, you won't have to repeat, correct or change much in the future.


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Click on the contact section and fill in the form- I would love to be in touch and can't wait to hear from you! 

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